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Odyssey Entertainment,

Weddings are what we do best.

Before your reception:

  • You will receive a Reception Entertainment Planning Kit from Odyssey 45 days before your reception.
  • All specialty music requests will be obtained at no additional cost to you
  • 10 days before your reception, you will meet with us, to finalize every detail about your reception entertainment. A timeline of the evenings events will be established.

Here's what you can expect from Odyssey at your reception:

I. Cocktail Hour:

        When your guests arrive at your reception, we will have your choice of music playing in the background while your guests mingle and await your arrival. You can choose from Classical, Jazz, Soft Rock, Big band, Lounge or whatever you like. During this time and during dinner (if you have chosen the video package), photos of the bride and groom will be shown on the big video flat screens. These are photos provided by you, before the event.

II. Bridal Party Introductions:

        Upon arrival of the wedding party, the guests will be introduced to each member in a fun and festive manner. This builds to a climax with the introduction of the guests of honor.

III. Dinner:

          During the dinner portion of the evening, we will play a good mixture of soft rock and classic country. If you have another preference for dinner music, we will certainly accommodate you. The volume level will be low so your guests may enjoy their conversation and the great food you have chosen for them. In the case of a buffet, your Odyssey DJ/MC will help coordinate getting the wedding party and family through the line first, followed by your guests.

IV. Toast:

        Once your guests have finished their dinner, Odyssey will facilitate any toasts that are ready to be given to the happy couple. A wireless microphone will be ready for anyone who is speaking.

V. Cake Cutting:

After the toasts have been given, we will coordinate the cutting of the cake. This is a great photo opportunity for your guests, so we will be sure that everyone is ready for the first slice.

VI. Bride and Groom's First Dance:

           After the toasts and cake cutting, we will continue that feeling of love by inviting the Bride and Groom to the dance floor for their first dance as Husband and Wife. The special song that you have chosen will be cued up and ready.

VII. Other Formalities:

               After the first dance there are several other formalities that can be done. These are completely up to you. Some of these include a Father/Daughter dance, a Mother/Son dance, a bouquet toss, a garter toss, a dollar dance, an Anniversary dance, etc. etc. - These formalities are your choice and will be discussed at your reception planning meeting with your DJ prior to the event.

VII. Party Time:

    For the rest of the evening, your DJ will play a great party mix of Oldies and Current music to keep your guests on the dance floor. We will also incorporate any special music requests you have made. With a premium sound system, nightclub quality lighting and video on two screens, your party will be jumpin'. We have been hired to entertain and that is what we will be ready to do for you and your guests.

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